Customizable Fresh Poke

Our extremely fresh and tasty poke bowls will melt in your mouth!


Located in Orange County, Uroko Cafe is the unique Japanese poke bowl cafe. 

Photos by Kazuya Kimura


Uroko Cafe opened in August 2015 and is located in Costa Mesa, California. Uroko Cafe is the unique Japanese cafe which not only provides delicious customized poke bowls, but also aims to bring an assortment of tea drinks & boba drinks.

What is Uroko?

Uroko means scale in Japanese, as in the scale of a fish, but our Uroko has a different meaning - it comes from the Japanese expression "me kara uroko," which translates to "the scales fell from one's eyes" in English. This expression means one wakes up or gets surprised with the truth. Our name "Uroko" comes from this expression, in hopes to surprise our customers with our delicious poke bowls.



(714) 436-5798


3030 Bristol Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92626


MON-FRI 10:30A–10:30p


SUNDAY 11A–9:30P